ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers Inland Empire Section


Spokane County Water Resource Center Presentation & Tour
9/20/2018 :: 11:30 am

20 September Tour and Luncheon

RSVP by 9/19

ASCE-IE Adopt-a-Highway
9/21/2018 :: 08:30

October Adopt-a-Highway roundup time!

Region 8 Governor Informational Webinar
9/27/2018 :: 11:00 am

Webinar on How to Become a Region 8 Governor


Section Officers

2017 - 2018 Board Members



William J. Meeks, P.E.

(509) 919-6413


President - Elect

Ryan Brodwater, P.E.

(509) 434-1693


Vice President

Ray Koberstine, P.E.




Samuel Mineer, E.I.T.
(480) 773-8411


Past- President

John Saywers, P.E.

(509) 625-7822



Mark Muszynski, P.E.

(509) 313-3530



Erik J. Arnson, P.E., L.G.

(509) 363-3125




Newsletter Editor

William J. Meeks, P.E.

(509) 919-6413



Samuel Mineer, E.I.T.
(480) 773-8411


Nominations Committee - Last Three Presidents

Troy Gibbs, P.E.   (509) 343-8503

Rebecca Matlack, P.E.   (509) 328-2994

Mark Muszynski, P.E.   (509)313-3530

John Saywers, P.E.   (509) 625-7822


Engineer of Merit Award - Last Three Winners

Alan Gay, P.E.   (509) 328-5139

Gary Nelson, P.E.

Randy LaBeff, P.E.   (509) 747-4600

Sandra Anthony


Email Notifications/Announcements


Your email address may need updated if you are not receiving email notifications for our monthly section meetings.  Please make any changes to your email address online at or contact ASCE on their toll free number at 800-548-2723 or 703-295-6300.   We download the email list from their database for emails.  You should also follow up with the Section President if that does not work. 

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