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ASCE-IE October Luncheon
10/24/2019 :: 12:00 PM

ASCE-IE October Luncheon @ Lugi's!!!

YMF Hockey Event
10/25/2019 :: 6:30

YMF Spokane Chiefs at Home Hockey Palooza!


Engineers of Merit

The Engineer of Merit award is awarded to an individual who have substantially contributed to the status of the civil engineering profession by:

  1. A distinguished career in any branch of civil engineering;
  2. Distinguished service to the Inland Empire Section;
  3. Exemplary professional conduct in a specific outstanding instance;
  4. An established reputation for professional service;
  5. Objective and lasting achievement in improving conditions under which professional engineers serve in public and private practice;
  6. Significant contribution toward improvement of employment conditions among civil engineers;
  7. Significant contributions toward improving the professional aspects of civil engineering education;
  8. Professional guidance of qualified young persons who would seek civil engineering as a career; and professional development of young civil engineers in the formative stages of their careers; or
  9. Other evidence of merit which, in the judgement of the award committee, shall have advanced the Society’s professional objectives; and
  10. Who is a current member in-good-standing of ASCE.


The Engineer of Merit for 2018 is Kevin Chang.  Congratulations Kevin!


Past Engineers of Merit

Year Name Location

2018         Kevin Chang                        Idaho

2017         Sandra Anthony                   Spokane

2016         Randy LaBeff                        Spokane

2015         Gary Nelson                         Spokane

2014         Alan Gay                               Spokane

2013         No awardee                        

2012         Richard Koch                       Spokane

2011         Krista Brown                        Spokane

2010        John Finnegan                     Spokane

2009        David McLean                       Pullman

2008        Don Phelps                          Chelan

2007        Lars Hendron                       Spokane

2006        Doug Busko                         Spokane

2005        Darold Orgill                         Spokane

2004        David Kliewer                       Spokane

2003        James Correll                      Spokane

2002       Virginia Darrell

2001       Kim Zentz                   

2000       Mike Taylor                            Spokane

1999       Bob Turner                            Spokane

1998       Howard Copp

1997       Max Patterson                       Spokane

1996       Bruce Rawls                         Spokane

1995       Cecil Hathaway         

1994       Dave Larsen                         Spokane

1993       Ken Carper                

1992       F. C. (Bud) Budinger           Spokane

1991       Chuck Prussack                  Spokane

1990       Don Bender              

1989       Rafik Y. Itani                          Pullman

1988       John A. Roberson                Pullman

1987       Howard Pettibone               Spokane

1986       Wilho E. WIlliams                Spokane

1985       Robert S. Turner                  Spokane

1984       William P. Ilgen                   Spokane

1983       James G. Fuller                  Spokane

1982       John F. Osborne                 Pullman

1981       Jesse E. Buchanan            Coeur d'Alene

1980       Larry A. Esvelt                      Spokane

1979       Richard A. Saty                    Spokane

1978       Frederick J. Watts               Moscow

1977       Gilbert W. Gray                    Post Falls

1976       Daniel V. Neal                     Spokane

1975       Roger H. Nelson                Pullman

1974       Loren B. Almy                      Pullman

1973       John A. Swanson               Spokane

1972       Richard A. Busch               Spokane

1971       Kenneth P. Norris              Spokane

1970       James A. Sewell                Newport

1969       G. A. Riedesel                    Pullman

1968       Gilbert Dunstan                  Pullman

1967       Glen A. Yake                       Spokane

1966       Leon D. Luck                      Pullman

1965       Roger James                     Spokane

1964       Allen S. Janssen                Moscow

1963       John Esvelt                          Spokane

1962       J. Bryon Barber                   Spokane

1961       L. Vaughn Downs               Ephrata

1960       Charles L. Barker               Pullman

1959        W. L. Maloney                     Spokane

1958       Thomas H. Judd                 Spokane

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