ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers Inland Empire Section


Dream Big Film (UI) 5:30 PM
2/20/2018 :: 5:30 PM

Dream Big film showing

University of Idaho

Donations welcome

Dream Big Film (UI) 3:30 PM
2/21/2018 :: 3:30 PM

Dream Big film showing

University of Idaho

Donations welcome

Dream Big Film (GU) 7PM Showing
2/22/2018 :: 7:00 PM

Dream Big film showing (7PM)

Gonzaga University

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Donations welcome


Dream Big Film 2018

In partnership with MacGillivray Freeman Films, and presented by the Bechtel Corporation, ASCE is proud to announce that Dream Big: Engineering Our World.  This inspirational 42 minute film highlights some great engineering achievements and explores the motivation of engineering: to make the world a better place.  More information about the film is available at


Several screenings are being organized within the Inland Empire Section for early April 2018.  Additional details for time and location to come and will be posted on the ASCE Inland Empire Website.


Please see our Q/A list below for additional details.


Tentative Screening Locations and Details


Location Date/Time/Details
Pullman, WA
Washington State University)

Thursday, April 19, 2018

4:00 PM Showing

Moscow, ID

(University of Idaho)

Tuesday February 20, 2018

5:30 PM Showing

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

3:30 PM Showing

Spokane, WA

(Gonaza University)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

3:30 PM Showing

7:00 PM Showing



Fundraising Opportunity for Dream Big Educational Toolkits


Update: Dream Big Enters 2018 Bigger Than Ever (article)


With over one million viewers, ASCE has a goal to put Dream Big into every U.S. school in 2018.  The educational toolkit will include a DVD of the film, a teacher's guide, and accompanying educational videos.  Thanks to a grant, high schools across the nation will be receiving a copy of the Dream Big educational toolkit.


Our Section Board would like to raise funds to purchase an educational toolkit of Dream Big to each elementary and middle schools within our Section.  Our goal will be to raise funds to provide one copy of the Dream Big educational materials to approximately 1,000 elementary and middle schools within our Section and to help young minds get excited about engineering.  Our fundraising goal will be announced as the cost and other details are solified.


Please contact one of our Section Board Members if you would like to help us reach our funraising goal to share the joy and satisfaction of engineering to a new generation of youth.


Questions and Answers (Updated November 7, 2017)


Q: When and where will the film be shown?

A: Location for screenings are being determined.  Once the date, time, and locations are determined, the events will be posted on the ASCE Inland Empire website calendar of events.  This page will include a link to the event information as that becomes available.


Q: What is the cost per educational package?

A: The cost is esimated to be $5 per educational package, depending on the volume purchased (as of 12/8/2017).


Q: What is the fundraising goal?

A: The goal is to be announced in early 2018 but is likely to range between $10,000 to $20,000.


Q: What will raised funds be used for?

A: Funds will be used to purchase copies Dream Big educational packages for elementary schools and middle schools/junior high schools within the Inland Empire Section.  The funds will also help for distribution costs, costs for screning the film throughout the section, and other operational costs.  Any unused funds at the end of the fundraising campagn will be circulated back to benefit local ASCE Student Chapters within the Section.

Q: Where does the Inland Empire Section cover and which schools will benefit?

A: As described on the "About Us" page, the Inland Empire Section covers Northeastern Washington, and Northern Idaho.  We are in the process of identifying all the elementary schools and middle schools within our Section that will benefit.


Q: How can I donate? How much should I donate?

A: Donations can be made at one of the screening events or online using PayPal.  Checks and cash will be accepted (make checks out to "ASCE Inland Empire Section".